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13th 14th And 15th Amendments

… to take nude pictures of children. All pornography is bad and serves no logical purpose, but the abuse of children should be stopped. Adults should decide what they want to watch, but it should be censored where children would not be able to watch. Videos with sexual nudity would be stopped if I were in control. Continue reading “13th 14th And 15th Amendments”

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12 Angry Men Social Systems


The question of racial relations often times turns to statistical arguments about races and crime. African Americans are angry because they are often profiled for being black while many of those who profile say it is because of the high crime rate among members … Continue reading “12 Angry Men Social Systems”

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10th Amendement

… February 10th, City of Pomona City Council Meeting

The city of Pomona is in the process of re-vitalizing itself as a strategic location in the Pacific Rim for businesses and industry. Concurrently, as the City is greatly involved in improving these standards and opportunities for growth, the City Council must also attend to issues relevant to the people of Pomona. As it were, February 10th’s City Council meeting fielded comments and issues from the general public during a brief one-hour public meeting.
On February 10th, the City Council meeting commenced at 7:00pm for the public. Continue reading “10th Amendement”

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10 Pages Essays On I Know Why The Cage Bird Sing

… The most obvious similarities between Carolyn Kallsen Pate’s essay (“Teaching Maya Angelou’s I know why the Caged Bird sings: A Thematic Approach”) and the essay by James Riding In (“Six Pawnee Crania: Historical and Contemporary Issues Associated with the Massacre and Decapitation of Pawnee Indians in 1869”) are: both discuss, with great empathy, curiosity, and sensitivity, writings that deal with a dark side of the nation’s past, a past that should not be ignored by today’s society. Each writer is examining work about a sub culture that was a segregated society that was pushed into … Continue reading “10 Pages Essays On I Know Why The Cage Bird Sing”

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1 Short Story With Irony

French author Guy de Maupassant is considered one of the greatest French short story writers. Maupassant wrote more than 300 short stories, six novels and three travel books until in 1891, when he went mad. Maupassant’s tales were dark and ironic, he portrayed the bourgeoisie life of Paris and …

… comedy. His stories were usually about simple episodes of everyday life, which revealed hidden sides of people. Continue reading “1 Short Story With Irony”

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