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Adverse Possession

.. pride [Bernardo, 2000].
The story is filled with irony and dark comedy; it begins with the ironic situation, a beautiful and charming girl born in a lower class family. For Matlida her dearest possession is her beauty, but she does not have means to make it known and thus begins her tragedy. She does not accept her position in the society and she knows that she … Continue reading “Adverse Possession”

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Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

.. In the book “Acts of War” by Richard Holmes, the theme of war psychology is one of the primary topics that are discussed as it applies to information dissemination and developing the soldiers’ self-confidence and psyche for the war. Holmes discusses how proper and selective information dissemination inside and outside the military institution is crucial for the proper development of the nation and military’s morale and confidence especially during war time. Continue reading “Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes”

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Flowers In Hamlet

… The Passion and the Madness of Ophelia

I have chosen the painting of Ophelia by Benjamin West. This painting for me depicts most fully both the passion and the pain in Ophelia’s madness. The motion and spirit depicted by the flowing image of Ophelia is captivating. In white, like a ghost, Ophelia’s long, flowing hair is in disarray, like her mind. Her hands carelessly let the flowers fall, and she has abandoned herself to her madness. It is also clear from the painting that there is no violence in her madness. Instead she is merely wandering, indecisive and infinitely sad. Continue reading “Flowers In Hamlet”

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Karl Shapiro Auto Wreck

.. Two interlocking themes run through Adrienne Rich’s poem, “Diving into the Wreck.” First, there is the theme of examining some great calamity or tragedy in life, no matter how scary it may be to do so or how uncertain the path may be that one has to follow in …

Continue reading “Karl Shapiro Auto Wreck”

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A Basic Summary On Womens Rights Suffrage

… voice and proving their worth in the male-dominated society, there is still a long way to go…
One such literary writing, a well-written and thought-provoking book The Ideas of Women Suffrage Movement by Aileen addresses the women sufferings witnessed by the world since the universe came into existence that resulted in the world’s most popular Women Suffrage Movement that seeks its origin from … Continue reading “A Basic Summary On Womens Rights Suffrage”

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A B To John Updike

.. The “A & P,” by John Updike was written in 1961. The story takes place on a summer afternoon in an eastern coastal town at a local grocery store, the A & P. The protagonist is Sammy, a teenaged boy who works at the A&P. Sammy is also the narrator of the story, the reader sees through his eyes and thoughts. This story, which chronicles an afternoon at the A&P, could be called a ‘coming of age’ story, due to Sammy’s stand against authority and his decision to make his own choice regardless of the consequences. However, it seems … Continue reading “A B To John Updike”

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9 11 World Trade Center Attack

… would pick. Although the White House would be an inviting target, President Bush was far away, and it seems likely that the hijackers would have known that. It’s known that Al-Queda wanted to cause as much chaos as possible and that they hoped that their attack on the World Trade Center would cause financial chaos. They probably hoped the attack on the Pentagon would paralyze our military, and the final triumph for them would have been to immobilize our government. Continue reading “9 11 World Trade Center Attack”

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8 Weeks To Cholesterol Free

… The effects of various dosage levels of Cholestease on Serum Cholesterol levels and the side effects associated with them in human beings.

Cholesterol has been a major media issue in recent years, especially the negative effects on the heart and its role in the development of heart disease. There have been many studies that indicate a connection between serum cholesterol heart disease and depression (1-3). … Continue reading “8 Weeks To Cholesterol Free”

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7 10 Page Essays On Capital Punishment

… which most arguments are based. These are the utilitarian viewpoint and the retributive viewpoint. Either one can be used to argue for or against capital punishment.
For example, the utilitarian argument holds that, “capital punishment is justified if it (1) prevents the criminal from repeating his crime; or (2) deters crime by discouraging would-be offenders,” writes James Feiser in The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Feiser also … Continue reading “7 10 Page Essays On Capital Punishment”

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