7 10 Page Essays On Capital Punishment

… which most arguments are based. These are the utilitarian viewpoint and the retributive viewpoint. Either one can be used to argue for or against capital punishment.
For example, the utilitarian argument holds that, “capital punishment is justified if it (1) prevents the criminal from repeating his crime; or (2) deters crime by discouraging would-be offenders,” writes James Feiser in The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Feiser also …

… of punishment in general is that
(a) as a foundational matter of justice, criminals deserve punishment, and (b) punishment should be equal to the harm done.” He subdivides this philosophical basis for capital punishment into lex talionis retribution, which he describes as “an eye for an eye,” and lex salica, which involves compensation for the harm, inflicted. Lex talionis, he advises, was first proposed in the 18th …

… a bunch of murderers, and, if there is a deterrent effect, saving more innocent victims as well, so much the better.

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