5 Paragraph Essay On The Hobbit

… capture and hold an audience’s attention. Chinua attempts to be familiar and engaging in his introduction, but ultimately this technique fails while Pate and Limerick’s more academic styles succeed.
In his essay “An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness” Achebe Chinua is moderately effective in capturing his reader’s interest. His opening sentence speaks of “walking one day from the English …

… what?” and stop reading right then and there.
In “The Phenomenon of Phantom Students: Diagnosis and Treatment,” Patricia Nelson Limerick is more effective in her introduction. Businesslike, professional and articulate, Nelson’s introductory paragraph clearly reflects the academic nature of her subject.
Carolyn Kallsen Pate in her essay “Teaching Maya Angelou’s I know why the Caged Bird sings: A Thematic Approach” is similarly effective. While her …

… such a feat in this essay. Instead, his prose often seems stilted, unnatural and unfortunately condescending. In contrast, Limerick and Pate’s academic pose somehow seems less condescending and forced, as Limerick treats the reader as an equal with statements describing some students as “the radically disengaged, those staying resolutely on the academic periphery.”

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