4 Ps Of Marketing Essay

… Marketing in Health Care

This essay reveals the basic orientation in marketing of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society. The ELGSS is a not for profit health care organization with 238 nursing and health care facilities throughout the United States. Founded in the early 1920’s as a care home by the Reverend August Hoeger, it grew to encompass multiple types of health care services. On the Good Samaritan Society web cite they outline their target audience and services as follows;
“The vast majority of those the Society serves are elderly, but we also serve others in need. We offer …

… member in a facility that stresses its close relationship to God? Regardless of the level of involvement that the family may have in organized religion, the communication by the Society that it is different that other health care facilities because of its religious orientation is evident.
“The core of marketing, whether for a product or service, is to be sure that the offering meets a need and meets it better”(The Marketing Orientation, 2003). The ELGSS markets itself with God. When a person is looking at death they are confronting their beliefs about eternity. Who can be better than God …

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