10th Amendement

… February 10th, City of Pomona City Council Meeting

The city of Pomona is in the process of re-vitalizing itself as a strategic location in the Pacific Rim for businesses and industry. Concurrently, as the City is greatly involved in improving these standards and opportunities for growth, the City Council must also attend to issues relevant to the people of Pomona. As it were, February 10th’s City Council meeting fielded comments and issues from the general public during a brief one-hour public meeting.
On February 10th, the City Council meeting commenced at 7:00pm for the public. The council meeting itself began at 6pm in the Council Chambers. Various points and issues regarding the city of Pomona were addressed, despite the Rt. Honorable Mayor not being in attendance. Because of this, points 1, 2(a), (b), 3, 8 and 9 were not brought into discussion.
A select few individuals – namely Marcos Robles, Elliott Rothman and Paula Lantz, dominated the agenda setting process for the city council. It was notable that George Hunter and Edward Cortez were not present as they were attending another important meeting. Other council members did not involve themselves in discussion or raised …

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