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Unless entering a career in professional writing, a doctoral dissertation may well be the most challenging writing assignment anyone will ever face. Dissertations are used as the last benchmark of achievement before the student is officially recognized as an equal by those in the student’s chosen occupational field. It is considered a measurement of the student’s knowledge of their field, ability to communicate effectively with their peers, and innovative thinking. Thus the quality of the dissertation document must be beyond reproach when it is subjected to the peer review of a dissertation committee.

Thanks to the increasing competitiveness of our society and the pressures that such an environment places upon academic institutions, the demands and stress of dissertation preparation are extremely high. The completed dissertation, according to the standards of most institutes of higher education, must not only be up to the standards of the dissertation committee, but must also be up to the standards required for immediate public publication of the dissertation. This establishes a double set of standards which the dissertation author must keep in mind at all times during the dissertation process.

The Qualification of Our Writers

The majority of our writers have had personal experience dealing with such standards, having been professionally published in one form or another. When mixed with their research skills and writing talent, this experience uniquely qualifies them to prepare (or to assist in the preparation of) dissertation documents. From merely assisting with the research of pre-existing materials to the complete preparation of a dissertation and its associated defense presentation, our writers are ready and fully capable of fulfilling any dissertation requirements. One of the major concerns many students have regarding companies such as ours is the reputation of poor performance which plagues our industry. Thanks to unethical and irresponsible companies (usually based in Eastern Europe and third world countries), students have become suspicious of writing services such as ours.

Protecting Our Clients

To avoid such fraud, our company requires all writers to provide photo static copies of their identification cards to verify they are residents of English-speaking countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. They are also required to submit a research-based paper to us, showing their research and citation capabilities and writing talent on a subject of our choosing. As any intelligent person knows, however, even extensive techniques such as this sometimes fail. As an added safety net for our clients, every paper submitted by our writers is subjected to intense spelling, grammar and plagiarism-prevention measures, regardless of who the writer is or how long he or she has been with our company. As dedicated professionals, our writers are aware of this, though many of them claim it is not necessary.

A Shared Philosophy

In truth, our measures seldom find issue with the quality of work our writers produce. The primary reason for this is the fundamental philosophy of excellence we and our writers share. We and our writers know every document we supply to our clients must be of high quality, free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The documents must also be fully cited, meeting the requirements of the academic institute for dissertation submissions. As a part of meeting the standards of this philosophy, our writers take extra precautions to ensure all part of the dissertation document are fully and properly cited and referenced by using state-of-the-art research and organization tools, including research browsers and mind-mapping software.

The Scope of Our Guarantee

Our company (and every writer who works for us) guarantees the quality of the writer’s work under our policy of unlimited revisions. If any part of your dissertation needs revision, your writer will make the necessary changes according to your instructions. Please make note that this policy applies to only the materials already in the document. If the client needs new materials added to expand the dissertation beyond the original size, additional charges will apply. This occasionally happens due to feedback and subsequent instructions for expansion from the student’s dissertation advisor.

Money-back Guarantee

Using our dissertation writing service is totally secure and hassle-free because with our clear and simple 100% satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose. If our writers are unable to meet your order guidelines after 5 rounds of revision, we will issue a complete refund. You will simply need to contact our support team stating the grounds for refund.

Privacy Protection

Another common concern amongst doctoral candidates is preventing anyone from learning they have obtained assistance in the preparation of their dissertation document. Doctoral candidates have many reasons for not wanting, ranging from preventing erroneous accusations of plagiarism to avoiding the embarrassment of admitting a lack of research or writing skills. The specific reason is irrelevant. We take great care to preserve the privacy of every client. Our state-of-the-art ordering, management and communication software provides every client an absolute anonymity barrier between them and our writers, preventing even a chance disclosure of their identity. In addition to this, the fact that every dissertation is an original work prevents your professors from doing an Internet search to identify your source. Every document is also purged of identifying features that would lead back to us or our writers. Your instructors will have no reason to believe or suspect you have used the services of professional ghostwriters. With that said, we await your order.